Converting Marketing Data Into Actionable Business Insights

Want More Sales Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget?

What does increasing your sales by 10, 20 or even 30% mean to you? For some, it might be having more money to invest in their business. For others, it's about getting a promotion. Whatever the meaning is for you, evidence shows that marketing analytics can make a significant impact on your business.

Extensive use of Customer Analytics DOUBLES the likelihood of outperforming competition in terms of profit and sales
McKinsey & Company 2016 Customer Analytics Survey

80/20 BI™ will help you grow your revenues within just a few weeks by converting marketing data into actionable business insights. This way, you'll work smarter, not harder. 

Want To Be Sure You're Making The Right Business Decisions?

As marketers, we are all familiar with the frustration of taking critical business decisions based on a hunch. But what if you could avoid guessing and start making data-driven decisions? What if you could know in advance the impact of every marketing move you make?

68% of marketers say that marketing analytics helped them create better-targeted marketing campaigns
AMA’s 2014 Marketing Analytics Survey

With 80/20 BI™ you will stop guessing and start knowing that you're making the right business decisions. 

Not Sure If Your Marketing Analytics Efforts Have A Positive ROI?

Having a positive Return-On-Investment (ROI) for your analytics projects is not trivial. With the amounts of data generated these days, marketing analytics projects can quickly expand into unnecessary territories. The secret to achieving a positive ROI is by asking the right business questions and finding the most relevant data to answer them. 

Research shows that analytics pays back $13.01 for every dollar spent
Nucleus Research - Report O204

Bringing over 15 years of hands-on business experience, 80/20 BI™ aims to provide at least a 5X ROI on every project, by using the 80/20 Data Analysis™ method that ensures avoiding redundant data analysis. 

Want To Be Confident That Your Data Analysis Is Valid?

Basing your decisions on erroneous data analysis is worse than basing it on no analysis. This might happen either by using inadequate and incomplete data or by using wrong statistical methods.

51% of marketers say that their biggest challenge in implementing and leveraging marketing analytics is due to limited analytics skills and knowledge among existing staff
AMA’s 2014 Marketing Analytics Survey

80/20 BI was founded by Shahar Pitaru - a Certified Google Analytics Professional and a Data Scientist that specializes in marketing analytics. Involving a Data Scientist in your marketing analytics has three major advantages:

The analytics outcomes are always based on valid statistical methods

Data correctness is guaranteed by working directly on the raw data

A Data Scientist can use Machine Learning techniques to generate much smarter business insights (e.g. knowing in which prospects are more likely to purchase your product)

Specialization & Services

80/20 BI specializes in Content Marketing Analytics and Customer Analytics. Due to the indirect nature of content marketing, generating actionable insights is significantly more complicated and requires a profound understanding of content marketing techniques, customer behaviour and Data Science.

80/20 BI's Services

Advanced Google Analytics Settings & Analysis - Make sure that your Google Analytics is properly set and get advanced insight on how people engage with your website and apps

Customer Analytics - Increase your conversion rate by achieving a deeper understanding of your customers and a higher segmentation granularity

ROI Analysis - Be confident that your content marketing activities have a positive ROI and find actionable insights on how to increase the ROI


Mailing List Analysis - Get insights on how different content types, subjects and mediums influence your audience's engagement and purchasing habits

Post Campaign Analysis - Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns by measuring the contribution of each marketing activity to the campaign outcome and finding actionable recommendations

Sentiment Analysis - Know what your audience thinks about your content by utilizing Natural Language Processing

Predictive Analysis - Recognize which prospects are more likely to purchase your products or services, so you'll be able to actively contact them

80/20 BI customizes its services to your specific needs by gaining an in-depth understanding of your offer, audience and marketing methods.

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Is 80/20 BI's Service Right For Me?

To benefit from 80/20 BI's services, your business needs to:

Collect marketing activities data

Have an audience of at least 500 people

Have a product or service that has been sold to at least 100 times

Generate at least $10,000 per marketing campaign or $50,000 per year

It's always good to start thinking about analytics from day one. So until you're ready to leverage your data into actionable insights, you can join the 80/20 Marketing Analytics Group. There's a lot of great content there, and you can always raise a question and get direct advice.


80/20 BI is a marketing data analysis boutique that specializes in Content Marketing Analytics and Customer Analytics. It was founded by Shahar Pitaru - a Certified Google Analytics Professional and a Data Scientist.

Shahar has over a decade of marketing and analytics experience as an Analyst at Procter & Gamble, a co-founder and data scientist at Plantly, and a Director Of Product Management at Nipendo. His experience includes B2C, B2B and even B2E marketing. This hands-on experience is crucial for asking the right analytics questions and for providing actionable insights.

On A Mission To Help SMBs Compete With Large Enterprises

80/20 BI's goal is to provide you with the same level of data analysis sophistication as large enterprises currently use while maintaining a positive ROI.

The 80/20 Data Analysis™ Method

The 80/20 Data Analysis method is based on recognizing the most important business questions that can lead to high-leverage actionable insight. Implementing this method requires significant business experience combined with a strong understanding of what's realistic to achieve with data analytics.

The 80/20 Data Analysis method is the key to 80/20 BI's ability to aim for a 5X ROI on every project. 

ROI-Based Pricing Model

80/20 BI's pricing is always a factor of your potential ROI. Depending on the type of the project, we aim for at least a 5X ROI on every project. If that's not feasible, then there's usually something wrong with the scope of the project and we need to go back to the drawing board.

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